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The longest tongue of her 02


Seymour Shinomura is in the same department of a university as Gerkary, who is one of his big concerns. Just after the entrance into the university, what he has wanted changed from dozens of gundam models to some talks he is happened to have with her. And his purpose as a university student changed to acquainting with her, from the winner of various competitions in Karta clubs of high school and model-buildings.
Among many concerns about her, there is a thing standing out in his mind. She has accounts of Instagram, YouTube, and other SNS sites, in which she has introduced that remarkable thing, which is her "longest tongue in the world". That 4.5 inch (11.4 cm)-long thing caught his eyes when he was net-surfing one night. Through which he was gleaning porn movies and pictures as the peers who know how to do usually do. And he happened to find her channel, in which she shows her hot and stunning tongue and its arousing movements. There are even other movies broadcasting herself and "the longest tongue in the world". Watching those movies, he came to conceive an Idea:
"How does she lick and taste men's penises?"
These days, whenever she gets into his eyesight, he feels his bonar gets hard. Hiding and disguising it occasionally matter. When he stealthily looks at her threading the heads of other students, he recognizes that nasty idea follows in his mind.

[m]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0023_t02

One day, when a lecture of biology was finished, she suddenly talked to him.
"Do you have a moment after all the lectures today? I have stuff to tell you, Sy."
What she said surprised him. Then she went,
"Please, if you are fine..."
Needless to say, his heart came to beat faster. He has no reason to reject her offer.
"Fine. And is this lecture room OK to meet?"
Her smile, I thought, meant I could get acquainted with her better.

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The longest tongue of her 01


It was when Seymour was drinking a glass of coffee in a cafe, where Gerkary and her mother came in. He happened to be in the same place she is in. Without noticing his drinking near them, she and her mother ordered in the counter. What she ordered was a juice and a chocolate cream. And they had one of the nearest seats from his one, from which he could peer them avoiding their noticing him.

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