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M男向けのブログです。S女性に拷問されたい方は、どうぞこのブログをお楽しみください。 This blog is for male masochist. If you want those sadistins to torture yourselves, please help yourself to this blog.

視聴者のみなさまに相談したいこと / Stuff to consult you viewers

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最後に、あなたの意見はこのブログが終了するかどうかを決定しません。 このブログで上記の正直な意見を知りたいです。


Matilda 鲜

[Here is the English version.]
Recently, I have wondered whether I should quit uploading this blog or not.
Because I’m not sure whether this blog is helpful for the lives of viewers and the societies as a whole or not.
Which is why, here is stuff I would like to pose to ask you to consider.
That is, “Should this blog be continued or not?”.
Please help yourself commenting to this blog.
And if it is impossible because you don’t know much about Japanese language, please send me emails to tell me honest opinions of yours.
The e-mail address is attached below.
E-mail: matildaxian@gmail.com

To set a limit of time, I’m thinking of adopting opinions I got until August 20th, 2019.
Also, afterwords, I’m thinking of making a decision on the future strategy of my blog based on those opinions.
After the date above, this blog still accepts honest opinions of yours.

Finally, your opinions don’t decide whether this blog ends or not. What I would like to do is to know the above-mentioned honest opinions on this blog.
If you hate this blog, please forgive me about this point.

Yours sincerely

Matilda Xian

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Joey Fisher 1

The setting is Joey Fisher is an university student.
She bullies a male masochistic peer with her fantastic handjob and hitting him with basketballs.

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British Japan 05


Many words came into the mind of Makoto, and came out through the arm jotting down them onto the note. During which, Fiona's squirming fingers were continuously tormenting him in the penis, testicle and perineum. The sexual desire he was feeling was controlled by her tender fingers and humiliating words, which was like he was an instrument played by her, as if he had been an violin. When his excitement was next to the goal line of ejaculation, the fingers ceased to squirm. But the special lecture went on restlessly. In the middle of the forth round of alphabetical order, only stuff he could think about was ejaculation and the afterward enslavement. Through many denials, she was flinging loads of verbal humiliations.

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Blowjob 3 - Alicia

The setting is Alicia is an school girl. She tortures a male masochistic peer with an adroit handjob technique.

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[Fetish]ASMR 1 - SaltedCaramel ASMR

The setting is SaltedCaramel is an office worker, who is having a meal with a male masochistic colleague.
She torments him with her mouth temptingly winding and deftly eating spaghetti.

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This website mainly uploads the pictures of Japanese beautiful and cute women (both ladies and girls).
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手コキ画像/動画25 - 大友唯愛『息子のおしつこを手伝う母…』







British Japan 04


In the squirming fingers has recuperated the vigor of penis, which is, to his mind, appearing as if he were an offspring swaddled in a flock of worms. The penis hardens and swells larger, the redden figure associates the intensity of the sexual pleasure he is feeling and enduring now.
"Your boner is back, sir. Don't you feel shame or any sense of guilt, to a student, in erecting the penis as a teacher?"
Her thin fingers are stroking the shaft and balls slowly and softly.
"Next is 'yoghurt', which is the stinky and sticky stuff stored in your filthy balls."
She is watching his face to enjoy the distorted expression of anguish on it. Her sexual torture grows tougher and tougher, which magnifies the distortion more and exalts her hilarity higher.
"Next is 'zeal', which is the drive you have for ejaculation. You are filthy enough to get aroused by a junior high school girl."
"Next is 'agony', which is what I want and force you to experience. I love to tease pathetic boys and watch them suffering from my torture."
"Next is 'beggar', which is one of your possible futures you are going to be in the senses of both short and long term. The meaning is that you are going to beg me to cum, and you are going to be a beggar seeking for dimes and leftover in dimming and poor alleys. Because of the lack of a sufficient skill of English language."
"Next is 'castration', which is necessary for you. I will tell you the reason. Because you are a man who is enjoying having yourself played, teased and fucked by a teen girl. Such a man wouldn't need a penis considering the fact that he is worthless as a man. I mean, worthless enough he deserves being raped by girls."
Every word she pronounces, she torments him by verbally drawing humiliating pictures and by conjugating them with those words he jots down. She is enjoying watching him suffering from the squirming fingers and verbal assaults. Which is like pulling fingernails out one by one as slowly as possible to make the most of the pain caused by detached nails. His excitement, pleasure and anguish have come to the highest altitude, which is as high as the enticement and hilarity she is feeling by torturing and tormenting her own teacher.
"Sir, bullying you is really funny! Please show me more your suffering face, which is so cute. I love it!"
The distortion on her face is born of the pleasure she rejoices created by tormenting him as a plaything. She is feasting on the sweet taste of the anguish he is feeling from each humiliating word spoken out of her mouth and each tender finger caressing the shaft, testicles, and perineum. His penis begins to shed precum again, forming a drop on the peehole. The fingers accrue around the hole and lick up the transparent and sticky liquid; they apply it on the sensitive areas he feels intense sexual pleasure. They come to move more smoothly, from which he comes to feel higher intensities of comfort.

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