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人妻たち11(The wives 11) - "Where my lineage is from"

If you happen to see me, you will recognize I am an East Asian, and get worried about whether I can communicate with you or not in English. The answer is “Yes I can”, which means you and I can talk and understand each other to some extent. If you were talking with me right now, you would find me a foreigner seconds later. However, if you imagine the foreigners you can’t talk with, I have to ask you to speak in a normal speed as you do every day. Minutes later, you would ask me general but important questions necessary for you to construct an intimate relationship between you and me. Some of them, I guess, are the questions written below.
(1) What is my name?
(2) Where did I come from?
Beginning with Question (1), it is easy for me to answer. “Sei-ichi Kurosaki” is my name. Sei-ichi is my first name, and Kurosaki is my family name. But truth is, I was named this to live in Japan in disguise. My true name is “Seong-Il Kwon”. Seong-Il is my true first name, and Kwon is my true family name. I can’t use my true name in Japan because our family belongs to a segregated race in the country.
This is my speculation, but you may have trouble with Question (2). If the question is targeting only myself, my answer is going to be Tokyo, Japan. However, some people have asked where my family and my ancestors were from. As for my parents, they are from Republic of Korea. When they were twenties, they came to Japan and got naturalized. And according to my mother, tracing back my lineage to hundreds of years ago, some of my ancestors had been Russian.
This can be one of the problems for you, because of my East Asian appearance. The difficulties would depend on what type of countries you live in.
If you live in multinational states, my answer is the following.
“There are some Asian people who speak some western languages as their own mother tongues.”
The answer must be simple, for example, those living in the US or Canada, which are, in my mind, the representatives of multinational states. It’s just I add Russian Federation into your list of multinational states.
But if you live in the monoethnic countries where each race has each own language and governs each country, like the country I have lived in or Nordic countries, you may have troubles in understanding the situation my ancestors had been in. Your images may be Asian people speak their own Asian languages and those Asian people speak your languages clumsily and they live in Asian societies where Asian cultures determine and decide their rules. In that case, I recommend you investigating Asian Americans, like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean Americans. You can find Asian people the native speakers of English in some cases. And you will come to be convinced I have a Russian ancestry.
Around one thousand years ago, some of my ancestors had lived around the border between China and Russia. They had moved eastward and they arrived at Korean peninsula, then my parents decided to immigrate into Japan, which is how I became a Japanese man.

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