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The longest tongue of her 01


It was when Seymour was drinking a glass of coffee in a cafe, where Gerkary and her mother came in. He happened to be in the same place she is in. Without noticing his drinking near them, she and her mother ordered in the counter. What she ordered was a juice and a chocolate cream. And they had one of the nearest seats from his one, from which he could peer them avoiding their noticing him.

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He has felt in these months she is cute and in his mind she was sticking out among other girls. Of course in the sense she looks pretty. But his recent obsession, though which is slight and small, is not her whole appearance. What caught his mind is the long creature now licking the brown tasty food in front of her cute face. That creature, which is a species named "tongue", looked like a snake trying to prey a weaker and more fragile animal. However, the snake was smart enough to be careful not to take the life of her target. She didn't forget to enjoy the groan of her prey suffering from the pains followed by bloodshed.
She was using tongue with an adroit technique to eat the chocolate cream little by little, like the snake was repeatedly biting off the flesh of prey, piece by piece, to have a pleasure by tormenting weaker animals than her. She was moving slowly on the cream, kindly caressing it. And the tip of tongue suddenly bit off a tiny wad of cream as a snake does to gradually wound by her tiny mouth having sharp teeth. He could see her smiling enjoying the good taste of cream. As the cream got bitten more, she looked happier.
He got aroused to see her tongue gnawing the prey to tease and torment harshly. The snaky tongue squirmed seductively and she poked, scratched and bit to bully what she preyed. The chocolate cream was tortured as a plaything, then the pity brown animal got eaten up to die in misery.

[m]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0001_t03

Thinking about stuff like that, my worry was "they may find me". But fortunately, her tongue was focusing on teasing the plaything in front of her own eyesight. By watching which he was relieved to know that he wouldn't get noticed and her tongue wouldn't squint him and come to prey him as a next target.

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