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The longest tongue of her 02


Seymour Shinomura is in the same department of a university as Gerkary, who is one of his big concerns. Just after the entrance into the university, what he has wanted changed from dozens of gundam models to some talks he is happened to have with her. And his purpose as a university student changed to acquainting with her, from the winner of various competitions in Karta clubs of high school and model-buildings.
Among many concerns about her, there is a thing standing out in his mind. She has accounts of Instagram, YouTube, and other SNS sites, in which she has introduced that remarkable thing, which is her "longest tongue in the world". That 4.5 inch (11.4 cm)-long thing caught his eyes when he was net-surfing one night. Through which he was gleaning porn movies and pictures as the peers who know how to do usually do. And he happened to find her channel, in which she shows her hot and stunning tongue and its arousing movements. There are even other movies broadcasting herself and "the longest tongue in the world". Watching those movies, he came to conceive an Idea:
"How does she lick and taste men's penises?"
These days, whenever she gets into his eyesight, he feels his bonar gets hard. Hiding and disguising it occasionally matter. When he stealthily looks at her threading the heads of other students, he recognizes that nasty idea follows in his mind.

[m]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0023_t02

One day, when a lecture of biology was finished, she suddenly talked to him.
"Do you have a moment after all the lectures today? I have stuff to tell you, Sy."
What she said surprised him. Then she went,
"Please, if you are fine..."
Needless to say, his heart came to beat faster. He has no reason to reject her offer.
"Fine. And is this lecture room OK to meet?"
Her smile, I thought, meant I could get acquainted with her better.

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Lecture rooms in the evening are still hot and humid. This one isn't an exception. But the high temperature he is feeling doesn't stem only from the hot atmosphere widespread all over State of Florida. Minutes later, she came in.
"You waited long?"
Her smile is kind enough to force him to forgive, even if he waited for hours.
"Not at all. I also have just come."
Years later, he may have to come back to his country, Japan. Before which, if possible, he has wanted to make friends with her to make tender memories shared with her.
"And what is the stuff you said about? "
Her reply was more different from the image he has held till seconds before.
"Recently, you sometimes look at me, don't you?"
At first, he can't get what she has just said. Seconds later, he realized she noticed his furtive stares. She continues,
"Can I ask why?"
He can say nothing. Telling her about the pictures he conceives about her is not an option. The silence lasts for minutes. It's her who blurts out.
"Why you say nothing? Answer to me!"
He is surprised, and the unexpected startle forces him to speak.
"Ah,,, I'm sorry, but..."
"You don't get yet? What I'm asking is 'why'."
He is on the edge to confess. He decides to cross the edge and tell her.
"I was imagining.... Imagining your... "
Before he says all the reason, she giggles.
"I know. Just made fun of you. Sy, you funny. "
Staring at him, she says,
"You also want this, don't you?"
From the slit between her lips is coming out the tongue, which he saw through online movies. This is the first time of seeing “the longest tongue in the world” in reality. What he can see is only the tip. Gradually, the snaky tongue begins to show all of herself. After passing half-minute, whole figure of herself is shown. He swallows hard, and he can't put his own eyes away from the 4.5-inch-long tongue. She smiles, and the snake comes back into the mouth.

[m]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0058_t01[m]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0059_t01

"How was it? Good, wasn't it?"
Few seconds are necessary for him to reply.
"Yeah, that's amazing!"
Brief smiles come each other. She continues,
"But, this isn't all."
After that, her long tongue comes out, and begins to walk around her mouth. The sluggish tongue starts from the chin, coming upward, the tip comes to the left angle of the mouth. She continues to come upward slowly, and the tip of tongue arrives at the upper lip. After which, as played and would be being played somewhere on the online world just right now, she begins to touch the nose and the two nostrils. Coming back to the lip, she proceeds sluggishly to the other angle of the mouth. Then she comes back to the chin, where she dangles again from the mouth. At the moment when he saw the blue blood vessels throbbing under the tongue, his penis hardened enough. Now that his penis is throbbing as the slug is dangling from her mouth.

[e]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0015_t01[e]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0015_t02
[e]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0017_t02[e]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0018_t01

"You would like this too."
Her head turns to her right, and the sluggish tongue begins to curl upward slowly. After which, her head turn to the forward, looking at me in the eyes. The slug gets back into the mouth, she giggles and says,

[m]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0037_t01[m]Is This The Longest Tongue In The World BORN DIFFERENT_00h0037_t02

"It looks tough. Are you OK?"
Watching the groin, there has come to be a bulge. She is pointing at that, with the fact that he is aroused with the seductive movement of sluggish tongue.
"I don't think your son is satisfied. It looks caged in your pants. It's so pity. "
He can't believe that the girl inside his eyesight and the girl he saw in YouTube are identical. As long as he remembers, she said in an online movie she hated the comments in sexual terms about her long tongue. But what he is watching looks like the opposite stuff to what he heard online.
"You want more don't you?"
At the moment when she begins to lick the lips with the wet tongue, his breath has begun to beat faster, harmonizing to his heartbeat. He says
"Yeah, if you are OK...."
She puts the slug back into the mouth. She laughs slightly,
"Take your clothes off and lie down on that desk."
The snake is targeting him.

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