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The longest tongue of her 03


As Gerkary told him, Seymour lay down on the frontest row of desks. He wears shirt and socks, but the lower part of his body is naked. She approached to him and stopped around his thigh. His penis has fully erected pointing the ceiling. Looking down at it, she laughed despisingly and said,
"You are ready, and waiting for this."

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She is showing what he is craving. In her both eyes are the glitters of predatory beast. Squinted by the snaky tongue, he gets deprived of the will to resist her temptation to protect himself. His eyes are conspicuously saying "yes", which is comprehensible to her.
"Then, what you have to say?"
She says, teasing him by keeping his sexual desire highly aroused. Facing at irresistible fruit, he asks what to say. She laughs ridiculingly and says,
"Are you fool that much? I've known you are a retard like intellectually disabled guys, but even the most retarded can understand."
Her smile turns to be a malicious smirk.
"That's 'please'. 'Please do this', 'Please do that' are what you have to say. Got it?"
Startled by her burst, he is forced to say,
"I'm sorry, please... "
"Please what?"
Her reply is immediate. He has to make sort of things in his mind, and cross over the reluctance to ask telling her those he has imagined about her. He has no choice.
"Please blow my cock."
For few seconds, silence flows. After which she smirks again.
"Good for you, and disgusting."
Her smile fades out. Now she frowns.
"How you think I can blow that dirty stuff? You really know how dirty you yourself are?"
Putting a slice of silence,
"You are dirty as worthless beggars, aimlessly taking and eating riches descent people generate by working."
Her smirk comes back.
"Considering which, don't you think something good is needed for my service?"
He can understand what she wants. And he asks,
"How much is it?"
She replies,
"When it comes to money, fifty dollars are fine. What I want is"
She goes further,
"is an entertainment for my satisfaction. You get what I mean?"
She puts the gaze away from him. Watching the ceiling,
"How about playing a game? Which is my idea. I'll tell you the rule."
Her gaze comes back to him.
"If you don't ejaculate thirty minutes after the beginning of my blowjob, you can get my 'blow' service again. For free! This time and the next time."
The glitters in her pupils shine.
"But, if you fail to stand and ejaculate in thirty minutes, you are loser, just like your country in World War Two."
Without forgetting to humiliate him verbally, she continues the explanation.
"In which case, you have to pay for me, and everything about this is over. I never blow your filthy dick. Unless,"
Her smirk gets closer to that of devil.
"Unless you become my slave. Is it all right?"
He didn't expect such a word "slave" would come out of her mouth. But he has no choice but to accept the rule.
"OK, I'm all right."
He feels she gets happier.
"So, I'll let you feel my tongue."
Her snaky tongue comes out of mouth, and is squinting him as a next plaything.

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