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The longest tongue of her 04


Her snaky tongue is getting closer to his penis, accompanying the head with long hair. His penis is throbbing and begins to leak a drop of precum from the peehole. At the moment when the snake touches his bonar, he gets a sensation like electricity flows lancing through his body, which trembles slightly. She touches the tip of penis, then she goes down to the bottom. She walks down slowly and carefully enough not to give him a satisfaction of the desired amount he is longing. After the arrival at the bottom, she returns upward, begins to head for the top. She climbs the penis like a slug moving slowly to generate comfort for the penis. The trail she walks on is really close to the frenulum. But she adroitly avoids it to tantalize him.

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"Aaaaaa, please more...."
He is begging, but she doesn't care. She continues the slow movement.
"I can feel your nasty cock eager to cum. But you know you can't, don't you."
She repeats back and forth between the tip and the bottom. Slowly and kindly. The soft sensation, because of its softness, raises his excitement high enough to let precum ooze. She looks like enjoying the observation of her own prey suffering from her torture, which used the same technique as her cream-gnawing scenes he saw before. Discovering the precum making a tiny pool in the circular gape flanked by the foreskin, she begins to climb to the top. After reaching the pool of precum, she starts to sip it. She drinks up soon.
"No! Don't do it!"
She is getting into the space between the foreskin and the glans. She is delving into the space using her own tip. What he feels is an unprecedented sense because it is unnatural for men that something foreign gets in under the foreskin. She moves inside the foreskin, clockwise and anti-clockwise. Not only such a rotational movement, she softly scratches around the cockhead. Through the exercise, the snake peels the foreskin and cockhead shows up. The short but intense sensation seems to be enough to induce a flood of precum flowing out of the slit on the tip of glans. The shedding precum hooks her like sticky glue, which makes the penis slipperier and she is accelerated.
"I wanna know how they taste."
The snaky tongue goes down, fast at first, more slowly as getting closer to the testicles. And she arrives, then grasp the balls having shrunk for the preparation of ejaculation.
"Aa'oo, haaaaaaa."
He moans by having the testicles swaddled in the warm tongue. Watching his indulgence in the comfort, she smirks and vibrates her tongue to instigate his pleasure to the edge just before the orgasm, with an intention to put the pleasure away from him before his reaching the outburst of semen. Without his knowing her intention, he is enjoying the warmth and grip of her. And she is feasting the ball rolling inside herself.
"A'oo, a'oo, a, a, a, a..... "
She seems to get tired of teasing the balls. She relieves them and moves downward.
"You like here?"
Her snaky tongue touches his perineum, which gives him an intense pleasure strong enough to have his body shiver. She gently fondles the perineum, which arouses him rapidly to the edge. But she is proficient, in playing the comfort of boys, enough to tell he can't get the immense satisfaction of orgasms. He has to continue to moan and groan because of the sensation unable to reach orgasm and endlessly surging desire. She enjoys bullying him by the various combinations of touching, poking, and rubbing, scratching.
"How you're feeling? You can't cum can you. But you don't want me to quit, do you?"
Beyond the testicles, she sluggishly climbs the penis, strolling on the frenulum. She reiterates the movements of going up and down, rotating clockwise and anti-clockwise. Whose combinations make him even unconscious. His orgasm is getting closer, rumbling and trampling in himself. The load departures from the testicles, climbing through the urethra, and the rising sperm is almost the exit of penis. His consciousness is fading out as the sperm approaches. But few moments before the release, she leaves the penis. A load of sperm is going back to the testicles. That backward flow scrubs the urethra harshly enough to make him groan, and enough to give her a great enticement. Deprived of the pleasure of ejaculation, he is feeling so tough as to get the consciousness back to himself. She is giggling and says,
"I'm sorry to see your suffering, but only five minutes have passed since the beginning."
She smiles looking like enjoying the miserable figure of him groaning under the torture and denial by her.

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