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The longest tongue of her 05


As the sperm, which was going to launch out of the vessel, comes back to the testicles, his sexual excitement, which has flowed in his body, ebbs to be a normal level. She is looking down on him with the snaky tongue curled upward, so that he can see the blue blood vessels swaying under the snake.
"Could have an enough rest? All right to begin?"
The snake, the tip of which turns to point at him, begins to move toward him again. Seconds later, she touches his son, and her tender caress sets in.
"Aaaaaa, ooaaaaa....."
She fondles the frenulum at first, climbing upon to the glans, and rotates around the peehole. She recedes to the corona, in which she rubs like scooping dirty stuff out of sewage. After teasing the cock head, she walks down to the bottom, rubbing the frenulum to make him moan. Then her favorite two fruits emerge, and she pokes and scratches with an adroit technique giving him only slight pleasures to bully him by tantalizing. Soon, she sees the bag holding two balls shrinking. Lifting up the testicles, she drops under them, where the perineum has already been throbbing. Of course, the snaky tongue licks it without giving him a stupendous sexual desire. Little by little, she gives him comfort. But which is not intense enough to let him ejaculate. "Little by little" is not the same case as oozing precum, which is, better said, gushing from the peehole, as if he is crying for foods he needs desperately to survive because of the scarcity of foods for days. She leaves the perineum, and goes back to the throbbing shaft covered with precum. She licks intermittently, little by little again, just like she was nibbling the chocolate cream enjoying the taste. In the case of this play, she is feasting his sexual desire and suffering from her denial technique.
Minutes later, she winds his penis and embrace the glans with her mouth. She begins to move her head up and down. Her lips caress the glans, corona, and peehole. Her tongue jerks the shaft, touching the frenulum, and squeezes loads of precum. The orgasm is rushing through the urethra. The testicles shrink, and his waist rises. His whole body hardens and the penis is throbbing to launch a huge load. The launch comes in few seconds, and he has already been ready. But she isn't so tolerant as to let him ejaculate that easily. She and her lips leave his penis. His miserable figure entertains her, to the extent to which she comes to want to bully him harsher and harsher.
"You wanted cum? I won't let you go. Hilarious!"

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She continued denials until five minutes before the end of half-an-hour-limit of time. He was begging her for ejaculation.
"Gerkary, please let me cum!"
"It's fucking tough! I can't stand it any more!"
"I'm getting collapsed! Help!"
Those his begging tastes like sweet honey exalting her hilarity to the highest. While she was torturing him, she kept humiliating by saying
"Seymour, you are filthy like a beggar, which is why no one wanna get closer to you."
while, like a slug, her tongue was tickling his perineum.
"Seymour, you are smelling bad like a domestic animals, which is why everyone thinks you are a lower animal than us humans."
while, like a flock of mealworms, her lips were coiling his testicles.
"Seymour, you are ugly like a patient of Leprosy, which is why no girl loves you, much less becoming your girlfriends."
while, like a file of caterpillars, her tongue was licking frenulum.
"Seymour, you are sub-intelligent like the intellectually disabled, which is why everyone knows that your life is hopeless."
while, like a sea-cucumber, her lips were stroking his glans.
"Seymour, you are worthless as a creature like that barbarous people living with hunting and gathering in the forest of Amazon."
while, like a millipede, her tongue was delving his urethra with the tip.

He has been lacerated and weary by the sexual torture and verbal humiliation so harshly as to lose clear consciousness and sober mind. His mind is in a situation in which he does everything in exchange for a pleasure of ejaculation. While he is floating in the sea of unconsciousness, there is a slant of shine telling him from above.
"It's time to end the play. I'll let you cum if you want."
The snaky tongue is accelerating and rubbing the penis faster with a stronger grip grasped by herself. From deep inside himself is rushing a flock of semen driven by the suppressed desire. The Voice-from-above continues
"I'm asking you, maggot. You wanna cum?"
He replies "Yes.", and the Voice-from-above goes
"If so, you have to pay fifty thousand dollars for me. And this comes to be the first and last time of my blow. Is it fine?"
He has no drop of vigor necessary to have his thought circuit tick.
"If you hold your load for the coming five minutes, there is no payment. Plus, you can also get my blow next time for free."
He wants to eject sperm as soon as possible, which means even five minutes are almost the same as five hours with many teasing denials. He says,
"I...I wanna...cum....now....."
Her smile turns to be a nefarious smirk.
"I couldn't expect you are that fool and dull-witted as to cease to wait and choose to cum right away."
She is stroking the penis as if trying to scrub the adhering filth. Oozing precum plays the role as a lubricant to help the tongue jerk the penis. Her snaky long body winds the glans, corona, and shaft, testicles, and squeeze precum more and more. His orgasm reaches few seconds later. His waist is rising to launch the load.
"Cum on! Eject the stinky stuff containing all the miserable and disgusting traits coming from your filthy blood!"
Her mouth caps the glans, just after which his penis discharges a load of sperm. He is shivering his own body like a malfunctioning machine is blasting oil from a crack. Many strings of sperm are launched into her mouth one after another and some of those strings ooze in the form of driblets from the angles of mouth. After slurping all the sperm, including the part of which left in the urethra, her mouth relieves his still-throbbing glans. While he is rendering unconscious, she cups both hands under the chin. And he sees her mouth is pouring into the cupped hand sperm, which is a tiny white string at first. And in front of his eyesight, the string is getting thicker gradually, and it gets thick enough to deserve to be called "white water fall".
"Nasty taste!"
She blurts out and dangles the snaky tongue covered with white sticky mucus dripping into the puddle of sperm in hands. The snaky tongue moves from the right to the left, and vise versa. On the tongue are wiggling and swirling the leftover of sperm, some of which coil her in the form of worms and others walk slowly like flocks of amebae. And the driblets of sperm on angles of mouth go down along the chin, leaving the trails on the way. Which is reflected vaguely on his eyes. Watching such an arousing scene, he is losing consciousness.
"Your load tastes really nasty. I haven't experienced any nasty taste like this. Maybe because you are inferior to other animals, even to cockroaches. And another reason is that your brain is sub-intelligent like worthless retards with disabled intelligence."
Her mouth makes nasty but arousing sound, which is particular to the sound created by mouths struggling with sticky stuff tangling tongues, teeth and lips. She spits the sticky liquid into the puddle of sperm, and wipes it out with his pants left on the floor.
"How was my tongue and blow? Do you focus?"
He is next to unconsciousness, and his eyesight is wandering in the air.
"It's fine if you don't. Anyway, I'll get the fifty dollars from you."
She rummages his belongings, and finds his wallet. After collecting the fifty-dollar-payment, she throws the wallet to him.
"It was funny today. Bullying you is awesome!"
She got all of her belongings, and went out of the room, leaving him there. Watching which, he got unconscious sinking deep into a sea of darkness.

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