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The longest tongue of her 06


The next day was one of the toughest as if Seymour was on fire nibbling his body, little by little. When he woke up, his penis had already erected. With the throbbing penis, he went to a lecture Gerkary also takes. After the lecture, he asked her to meet on the day too, but her reply didn't go in favor of him.
"Didn't I say? It was over yesterday. I never do that for you."
He was distressed, then she added,
"As I said, 'unless you become my slave', I never blow your filthy cock."
She grabbed his penis softly, and stroked once, slightly. Which aroused me, and after finishing all the lectures on the day, he went home and frantically jerked the penis, imagining her snaky tongue and the taste of her blow. But he couldn't get as high pleasure as she gave me with her adroit tongue and lips.

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Next week was the time of limit when Seymour braced himself to tell Gerkary about the conclusion. After the lecture of biology she and he participate as always, he talked to her,
"Gerkary, you have a moment today, after the last lecture?"
She replied with question,
"I don't change my mind, but you decided what you will do?"
He got startled a little, but he said "yeah". She giggled, then
"I don't think you are so fool as to become a slave. But all right, let's meet together today."
Said she, and smiled
"Is it fine to meet in the room where we did that last week?"
He seemed to have a good luck and, though he got a reluctance which loomed from what she said, he okeyed.

When he got into the lecture room, she had already been there, staring at the entrance.
"What took you so long? I was almost leaving."
She said jokingly, from which he could understand she didn't mean it.
"I'm sorry for making you wait that long."
Brief apology, and after which she asked,
"So, tell me the conclusion you brought."
She is strolling in front of the desk on which he lied and she played with his body and crucified his mind harshly. He is sure what he will say means and her humiliating reply coming after that.
"My conclusion is, I want you to blow my dick."
"But as I said, I never do that again for you, unless you become what?"
Her tongue comes out and licks the lips clockwise with a slow movement.
"Unless you become what? You remember that, don't you?"
She smirks, which looks like a nefarious snake enjoying gnawing a miserable prey little by little.
He takes a deep breath, and says,
"I will become your slave."
Moments pass, then she burst into laughing.
"You so funny! That's the last stuff I expected! Are you that fool? Didn't know that!"
She begins to insult him.
"I found you a legendary retard and a worthless creature like cockroaches. But, you know what, you are becoming my slave. Have you ever thought of becoming my slave?"
Her hilarity is attenuated.
"Months ago, a previous slave of mine committed suicide, because of harsh torture I had done for him. I'm thinking of letting you become the next one succeeding his position."
She licks the lips again.
"Nice to enslave you."
And two glitters appear in her both eyes.
"Take your clothes off. And lie down on the floor."
Next round begins.

He is naked and she looks down on him with the both carnivorous eyes. His penis is getting larger and harder, partly because he is nervous and worried about the coming tender and mean treatment.
"You pervert, it's surprising that you can erect such a disgusting dick."
She spits on the bonar, and giggles. And she steps on the penis with her right foot. The loaded pressure is strong enough to have him feel frightened and aroused but weak enough not to squash it. As her foot sinks deeper on the penis, he gets frightened more, which arouses him greater.
"Look at that. Your cock is really dirty. You think this kind of stuff alike feces necessary in this world?"
She smirks.
"I don't think so. Which is why, it's fine to crush this nasty stuff shooting nasty mucus, isn't it?"
Her right foot is sinking deeper and deeper. He begins to have a pain.
"No. Don't do it!"
She smirks more fiendishly.
"Why you're saying that to me? There is a word you gotta say, isn't there?"
He drives his own thought circuit. And he finds the word to say.
"P...Please don't...."
"Well done, Seymour. You can do it!"
She lifts the foot off the penis. And her order continues.
"Set yourself alike a doggy. You know the meaning? Get down on all four!"
He does as ordered, and she adds,
"Turn around, show me your dirty butt and stinky asshole."
After which, he is on a position in which she can see his throbbing penis and dangling testicles behind himself. She comes closer to him and crouches near the butt. He feels she is gazing at the penis. Seconds later,
"Let me check your cock."
One of her thin fingers touches the frenulum, and goes down to the glans. The wormy finger moves slowly and subtly, giving the penis a low pressure. Which arouses him little by little, and he comes to want more and more. His perineum begins to pulsate.
"Are you looking forward to my tongue that much? I'm glad to see that."
She also caresses the perineum with the tip of a finger. Then her fingers wind the penis and begin to squirm.
"How is my technique of fingers?"
Her grip is strong enough to give him more pleasure and weak enough to tantalize him. The foreskin begins to recede, and the glans is appearing from the entrance of urethra.
"Hello, my sweetheart."
She pulls the penis and brings the glans toward her, which means, if sperm is shot from the peehole, she gets her face smeared with the white mucus. Then the snaky tongue comes out, and she touches the peehole with the tip of herself.
"Ha, haaa...."
He moans as she moves around the peehole. Which gives him an immense comfort. His thighs are shaking. She repeats the rotations, caressing from the peehole to the border between glans and foreskin, and the opposite round. After some of the rotations, she begins to get into the space between foreskin and glans, which still has the highest intensity over him. She is managing to insert herself into that thin space, during which he can't help begging her many times. Through a series of his "Don't do it!", "No! it's tough!", and "Please...please put it away from my cock.", his glans gets exposed. In the fighting between her and his foreskin and glans, she seems to be the winner. Which is obvious from the redden glans and the loose foreskin. She smirks and says,
"So, as we did yesterday, thirty-minute-trial is good for you, isn't it? You love it, don't you?"
Once, she strokes the frenulum subtly. She continues,
"If you don't cum through the trial, I mean in thirty minutes, you can get my discipline tomorrow. But,"
Her smirk turns to be fiendish. From a twenty-year-old girl to a cruel and malicious fiend.
"If you cum in thirty minutes, next discipline is gonna be done in next week, by which you can't ejaculate. No masturbation, and no ejaculation."
She touches with the tip the glans and kneads around the peehole.
"Got it?"
Seconds are necessary for him to answer, he replies,
"OK, I got it...."
Though he can't see her face, he can feel her hilarity which comes from the beginning of her teasing her own male slave.
"You are already ready. So, let's begin!"
Her assault has just begun.

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