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The longest tongue of her 07


The snaky tongue of Gerkary seems to love to torment those way weaker than herself. As she approaches closer to his penis, he shivers more and more; which she finds one of the funniest hobbies. When she touches his penis in the peehole, she walks on the frenulum, heading for the testicles. Slowly and gently, she is moving up on the sensitive part on the penis. After she arrives at the bottom near the balls, she walks down to the glans without acceleration. The movement of tongue stimulates his desire longing ejaculation, which entertains her by watching his shaking thighs, butt, and testicles. She gives the penis subtle pleasure by slight touches and weak pokes.
"Gerkary, it's tough...Please do more..."
She smirks.
"What is tough? I don't understand what you're saying."
She leaves the penis, which remains throbbing.
"And what it means, 'please do more'? You really have a decent intelligence to use human languages?"
She waits for his reply. Silence passes, and he speaks out.
"Please grab my dick and jerk harder."
She smiles. This time that's a smile of angel.
"O.K. If you want that much, I'll do that."
Her fingers come closer, and wind the shaft and balls. Those ten worms begin to squirm. At the same time, her tongue gets closer to perineum, and lands there. She begins the slow movement again. Some of them move to the testicles, and she touches and pokes the asshole. The worms and sluggish snake fondle the points arousing his sexual desire and feast his suffering from the longing want for an orgasm he can't reach. While those worms and snake are playing with his sexual organs, they are gradually mingling and tangling each other.

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Some of them lick the glans like a flock of slugs.
Some of them coil the testicles like a herd of mealworms.
Some of them caress the frenulum like a caterpillar.
Some of them pinch the corona like a bundle of earthworms.
Some of them tickle the perineum like a spider.

Through their slow but arousing movements, the penis hardens fully enough to ooze precum. They find the sticky transparent stuff and rush to it. They hustle and bustle wanting for precum, even which contributes to the surge of his sexual desire. After their struggle and achievement of precum, they spread it on all the sensitive parts. Which make themselves and the groin slipperier, and he is aroused greater and greater.
"You want get this place my tongue and fingers?"
Something sluggish and wet touches his asshole. He didn't notice the asshole is throbbing until she points that out. Electricity runs in his body when she softly touches the hole. He unconsciously blurts out "Ah, aaaa". She giggles, and says,
"You want me to comfort the inside, don't you?"
The sluggish tongue touches, pokes, and tickles. As she stimulates the asshole more, his desire craving her climbs higher.
"If you want me to do something, what you gotta do?"
She is careful enough not to give him a sufficient degree of pleasure gratifying his longing. He can't stand it and begs.
"Please lick my asshole."
She smirks and says,
"Fine, but you haven't recognized the exact place you want to get my tongue and fingers."
The 11.4 cm-long-tongue stretches straight forward, and focuses on the hole.
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"I'll teach you that."
What he gets next is a feeling of rubbing by something snaky intruding into the asshole. She proceeds deeper and deeper as if a snake is trying to prey babies of birds. What is particular to the snaky intruder is the wet and soft surface slugs have.
"Ag, ag, ah, ah, aaaaaaa......"
He groans sensing the feelings mingling suffer, pain, and comfort. She begins to move violently. She bends inside and caresses and scratches the inner wall. She rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise, and repeats a cycle of back and forth. While she is fucking his asshole, they are coiling the penis and the testicles and are tickling the perineum. A voltage of sexual desire surges rapidly in him and an orgasm is rushing closer to the limit. The snake inside the butt finds the prostate, and rubs it cumulatively.
"It's tough! It's tough! No! No! I'm cuming! I'm cuming!"
On the verge of ejaculation, the snake and worms leave him. His whole body is trembling and precum is dropping sadly.
"Was it good? You were crying like a girl."
His desire is soothed, and the snake and worms come back. This time, she pulls the penis backward and the snaky tongue winds it. And the wormy fingers stroll on the testicles and perineum. Waves of sexual desire ebb, and the desire of ejaculation comes back soon. His asshole begins to throb again, which the worms find and repeatedly touch and poke. Soon, he feels the longing asshole ready to accept her tongue. But what came in was a bundle of few worms. They compete each other to intrude into the asshole, targeting the prostate.
"Ah, ah, a'an!"
They tickle the inner wall kindly and affectionately, which raises his desire gradually. Simultaneously the snaky stuff strokes the penis with a tender grasp. Little by little, another sense of ejaculation approaches to him. His body and penis are hardening as she and they move faster. When those in the asshole touch the prostate, his comfort exalts to the highest point. He can't help moaning at loud. When they hear the moan, they begin to accrue the perineum, and repeatedly poke, stroke, and scratch it. Even few seconds aren't necessary before he reaches the verge of ejaculation. His waist bulges downward, and his body hardens fully enough to eject sperm. He can't hold the flood. But before the discharge of sperm, the tongue and fingers leave. The sperm which is almost launched comes back to the testicles in the form of flood, which swirls inside the urethra and torments him harshly.
He doesn't feel he can get through the torture any more. Too tough to stand. But she never ceases to torment him.
"It's tough? It's really tough? Bullying you is so funny! Show me the figure of your groaning!"
The snake and worms coil and fondle again. Her fiendish smirk is dazzling.

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