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The longest tongue of her 08


Amazing graceful torture, how sweet the sound. That subjugated a wretch like him. He once was lost but now he found himself abased by her. He was blind, but now he sees the coming future in which he is completely enslaved by her.
It was the graceful torture that taught his heart to surrender his own life to her. And the graceful torture had his subjugation to her rendered fixed. How painful did that graceful torture agonize, the hour he first believed.
Through many denials, tantalizations, and sufferings, he has already come to the limit of his sanity. 'Tis graceful torture brought him subjugated thus far to Gerkary and the graceful torture will lead him to hell.

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It is five minutes before the end of the torture. The sexual torture done by the snake and worms is malicious enough to subjugate and enslave him, physiologically and psychologically, to Gerkary. The snaky tongue and worms are enjoying raping him and watching him suffering from her torture.

While she is fucking the asshole, she says,
"Seymour, like beggars, you are smelling bad. So you should be dumped as a huge garbage."
While they are tickling the perineum, she says,
"Seymour, like intellectually disabled guys, you are a retard. So you don't have a bright future."
While she is stroking the frenulum, she says,
"Seymour, like the patients of Down syndrome, you are ugly. So you shouldn't show everyone your face."
While they are caressing the glans, she says,
"Seymour, like domestic animals, you are filthy. So you are supposed to learn in as filthy barns as you are, to begin with."
While she is pinching the corona, she says,
"Seymour, like the terrorists of Islam, you are a harmful germ. So you should be exterminated as soon as possible."

He feels a mixture of comfort, which comes from the sexual torture of the tongue and fingers, and pain, which comes from the verbal humiliation of her. In the sea of unconsciousness is crawling he who has lacerated by the harsh torture.
"You wanna cum?"
From the dimming sky covered with grey cloud slants a ray of angelic voice, which is what he has been longing for these days.
"Are you listening? Five minutes are left before the end, but you wanna cum now?"
Sober thought circuit would tell him to wait for the time of end, but he has lost a sanity of mind and has been deprived of rationality of thought. Without thinking, he replies,
"Yeah, yeah....wanna cum.....I wanna.... I wanna cum!!"
He hears her giggles. She goes further,
"But if you cum right now, you can't get my discipline tomorrow. And you can't ejaculate until next week. Is it okey to accept?"
He has no room for processing such a complicated idea like the comparison between getting an orgasm a few minutes later with one-week-abstinence and getting an orgasm five minutes later followed by an graceful orgasm next day. His face is covered with dirty water; the shedding tear, the dangling and dropping snot, and the trickling saliva along the chin.
"I'll accept! I'll accept! I'll accept! Let me cum!"
She laughs with a mean smirk, which looks like the smirks of demons rejoicing tormenting and torturing their preys. She says,
"You so fool as always. I think you should commit suicide. You know the reasons, don't you?"
The snaky tongue slightly rubs the asshole.
"I'm sorry, but I've just forgot right now you are too sub-intelligent to remember them."
Another slight lick touches the perineum.
"I'll tell you them after the ejaculation."
The tongue coils the penis and begins to stroke. At the same time, the wormy fingers begin to tickle the testicles and perineum. Her and their movements are getting faster. His penis is capped with her warm mouth. His body gets stiffer and his waist sags to launch sperm into her mouth.
"I'm cuming! I'm cuming! Ah, ah, ah..Aaaaaaaa!!!"
He shoots a thick string of sperm, followed by some thicker strings and the huge shakes of his body. The longest tongue around the world bears the penis so firmly that the glans remains sucked in her warm mouth. Few seconds later, the sperm shot in the mouth begins to ooze. Some driblets of sperm accrue around the both angles of mouth. They go down along the edge of chin, and drop onto the floor. The shakes of his body attenuate, so does the throb of the penis partly in her mouth. She slurps the leftover of sperm in the urethra. She relieves the penis, leaving a pool of sperm inside the mouth. While he is gasping, she cups the hands under the chin. She pours the pool into the cupped hands, where a puddle of sperm swirls and wiggles. From the mouth are made the type of sounds particular to the wet mouths on the inner wall of which mucus is adhered.
"Bad taste!"
She is wiping out the strings of sperm.
"Your sperm tastes the nastiest, comparing with other boys and my previous slaves."
She smirks and says,
"And can you remember why you should commit suicide?"
He says nothing, gasping hard.
"Reason number one: which is you are so sub-intelligent as to choose to ejaculate five minutes before the end, which is how you have to stand an abstinence for a week."
She spits on his butts.
"Reason number two: which is you have filthy blood comprising the trails of ugly face and the lineage of bad odors squandered from bodies, which is why your sperm also has a nasty stench and smell."
She pokes the testicles with the toe.
"Reason number three: which is you are inferior to other frivolous creatures like cockroaches, fleas, and slugs, which is why you don't have human rights. Moreover, whatever you are done by me, you aren't eligible for blaming me. Cuz you are my fucking slave."
And the toe comes to the cleavage of butts and tries to slip in to delve the asshole.
"And this is a gift for worthless creatures like you are."
She pulls out the toe, then kicks him in the butts with a strong blow. What he hears after the kick is a thudding sound, which he comes to gradually realize is caused by his forehead hitting the floor. He falls down from the head, while the butts are lifted up slantingly. She is laughing at his miserable posture.
"It was funny today. And bullying you is awesome."
In an unconscious mind, he can hear her laughter, voice, and movements.
"It's over today, and next round is next week. See you, and don't eject your filthy sperm."
As she left, he fell unconscious. Deep into the darkness.

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