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Ten years have passed since Ivan and his family immigrated into State of California, and they have immersed themselves fully into the local culture and custom. When they are "fresh off the boat" as a small flock of Russian immigrants, they had a bunch of problems ranging from his small fights against mainly Anglo-American peers to some hidden racial and national segregations against foreign communists. Many things have passed and his family could become decent citizens of this country. Now, he is a high school student. Though he is not doing well in studying, but friends are nice to him. He and his family have striven to create a happy life.

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On a day in autumn, a change visited him. Some members of classes are changed days ago, and a fresh but slightly nervous mood was still floating in his class. Among outright-new and already-familiar boys and girls, there was one who caught his attention. He doesn't know why, but he got crazy about her, who is Melissa Emi Takei, a Japanese girl. Caucasian Russian boy loving an Asian Japanese girl. Such a combination, he thought, was odd to some degree. But as time went, his obsession with her became larger and larger.

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