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The squirming 02


That happened on a day in the middle of autumn, when he got in his class room and found it empty. Ivan Mikhailovich Orlov had a stuff he forgot to bring with. Attenuated temperature filling the room and sunlight slanting from the windows show his peers have already been enjoying the most blessing time coming after the everyday classes. He was slightly depressed because of the extra expense of his short relief after school. After putting the stuff into his bag and on the way leaving the room, he noticed something left on her desk. He remembered her figure having slim body and long sleek hair. In his mind smiled she with dazzling eyes seductively staring at him. Unconsciously he approached and rummaged her desk. He knew what he was doing was unforgivable, even which was still arousing him, who was jerking the penis with her personal cosmetics and stationery.

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Days latter, a fortune happened to come to him. Melissa talked to me in the beginning of lunch break.
"You have a moment today? I mean, after all the classes in the afternoon."
He felt his heart jumped by the excitement. The situation he was in right now was the last thing he could even imagine. Without any reluctance, he said "yeah" to her. After checking his reply and smile,
"O.K. Let's leave and come back again to avoid getting noticed."
said she. Before she left, she smiled for him, which energized him to bear the rest of classes today instead of lunch. Rarely he didn't feel sleepy for the consecutive classes through the afternoon.

According to his speculation, why he loved her might be because of the blood line of Asian Buryat people, who dwell in an eastern region in Russian Federation. Even his maternal grandmother had been mixed with the Buryat ancestor, which means all of his family speak Russian. And because of the harsh racial segregation against Asian people from the era of Russian Empire, through that of Soviet Union, his ancestors had to disguise their Asian traits. Which had successfully buried into oblivion them, which had been, he thought, almost eradicated even from his Caucasian appearance. Nobody thinks he is mixed with Asian. "Perhaps, she might be the one who awakened the Asian trait." While he was hallucinating that kind of stuff, he got in the class. She has already been there.
"You waited long?"
"It's okey. Sorry to call you."
Casual greetings ended, and she began,
"And about why I called you is"
Moments are placed, maybe intentionally, then she went,
"Recently, you do something to my belongings, don't you."
What he expected was an opportunity getting an intimate relationship with her, which is opposite to what he has actually heard now. He lost words to say. Silence abiding time has come without telling any of us whether the time is brief or minutes. It's her who breaks the time.
"You say nothing? Tell me! I wanna know whether you did or not!"
He tries to say "no", but can't speak well.
"Ah... I was just ..."
He can't come up with anything useful for excuse. She rummages her bag.
"I have an evidence."
She takes from the bag an electronic looking like an eraser, which means her desk and belongings are bugged. He has no way to get away. He feels smothered with something.
"And this is the stuff I'll tell you about."
She picks up a smartphone, and plays an audio application, from which he can hear the familiar voices. His voice was speaking out her name enthusiastically, while he was doing that almost all of men do to console themselves.
"What were you doing with my stuff?"
She asks him teasingly, as if a snake chased a mouse and led him into thin corner to torment and prey slowly enjoying gnawing him to torture.
"WHAT were you doing?"
She is going. He can't answer.
"Tell me right away!"
Her startling opens his mouth and induces a confession.
"I... I was..."
"I was, what?"
She asks like tormenting him.
"I was....jerking...my dick...."
"I can't hear that. Say it again."
He says the confession again, and silence follows.
"Really disgusting!"
She frowns and gazes at him with rage. She goes forward
"You know what you did? You really have an enough intelligence to understand?"
She steps forward and get closer to him.
"I'm asking you coz I know you are a scatterbrained pervert. Tell me!"
He says yeah, and she smiles. The smile is subtle, but he can understand there is a nefarious plan under her cute and angelic face.
"If you understand, I have to punish you for education."
Showing the distorted smile to him,
"Take off your clothes, and show me what you were doing."
Her wicked smile is dazzling reflecting the sunlight next to dusk.

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