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The squirming 05


It was like being set in flame. He kneeled on the combined desks, while thin wormy fingers were winding and squirming, to eject precum and pleasure. No matter how sexually aroused he was, she seemed to have no intention to let him ejaculate. She tormented him verbally, while playing with his sexual organs.

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While some worms were digging the asshole, said she,
"Ivan, you are ugly like a patient of Down syndrome, which means it's bad to show your own face in public place."
While some worms were tickling the perineum, said she,
"Ivan, you are smelling bad like feces of domestic animal, which means it's ashamed for you even to take classes in the same rooms with us humans."
While some worms were kneading the testicles, said she,
"Ivan, you are filthy like a Russian barbarous beggar, which means everyone want you to starve and die in misery and coldness."
While some worms were licking the frenulum, said she,
"Ivan, you are sub-intelligent, like an intellectual disabled guy, which means your future is desperate and useless for every human society.”
While some worms were scratching the glans, said she,
“Ivan, you are excellent as a plaything, cuz bullying and torturing you is really funny. Let me see your suffering more.”
While some worms were fucking the urethra, said she,
“Ivan, you are a great generator of garbage-like genes, which means your descendants would be frivolous creatures like you are. But I don’t think you can get any child having your own barbarous blood squirming in the stinky bodies of most Russian people."

Through the torture and tease, he has his own body excited to the highest extent and has his own heart lacerated to the blood-shedding extent, to which he has lost rational thought circuit. Floating in the darkness of mixing comfort and anguish, seeking for a light while being burned on the fire of desire, he is plodding enduring such a humiliation.
"You wanna cum? You can't stand it, can you?"
A slant of glow comes in the mind fallen into darkness. To him who has agonized by the torture, her voice is an angelic melody curing his getting dissipated life. Without caring of shame his sober mind would feel, he begs frantically.
"Wanna cum! I wanna cum! Let...let me cum!"
She is laughing at his begging staring at his eyes. Some of the wormy fingers tickle the glans and perineum to torment him more by tantalization. And she enjoys his suffering and moaning in front of him. One of them come to the peehole, on which she rotates, she goes,
"I'll let you cum, but there is a condition."
Her fiendish smirk looms on her face.
"I'll let you cum if, this is the condition, you become a plaything. You know what "plaything" means? Which means "toy". If you become a toy of mine, you can eject the filthy semen filled with your worthless and dull-witted genes, even harmful to the societies of developed countries."
She slowly strokes his penis.
"How you think? Good condition for you, isn't it?"
His modus operandi of mind doesn't work well because of the flood of comfort produced by sexual torture and humiliation, which is why he can't think about any downside of becoming her plaything. Indulging himself into the gust of want for orgasm, he replies,
"Yeah! Good! Good! I wanna... I wanna cum!"
"So, you swear to become my plaything?"
He speaks out without thinking.
"Swear! I swear!"
The last thing he sees is an angelic smirk of fiend. Few moments later, they begin to accelerate, which gives larger pleasure to his sensitive parts.
"Ah, ah, ah, aaa........."
Without resisting, he let them tease himself in the sexual organ.
"Feels good? Your face looks happy, but dirty with dirty mucus."
Covered with snot, saliva, and tear, his smiling face turns to be creepy. The penis hardens and they are wound with precum. Before the ejaculation, she says,
"Cum on! Blow your load filled with barbarous and miserable genes of Russian maggot!"
They accrue around the glans and squirm fast. His waist is bulged forward and his thighs begin to tremble. Not long before he falls into unconscious, a thick thread of sperm is launched. On that moment, they left the penis. By which the sense he was feeling was not an orgasm accompanying sexual gratification, but a peeing lacking pleasure. His mind got filled with loads of frustration brought by the peeing sensation. And they come back to the penis and wind it; from which, but before even a moment passes, thick and thin threads are flung into the air. Which satisfies him, more than that would does if he didn’t feel the frustration by the peeing. As the threads of semen are shot, so his consciousness is dissipated. Around both of Melissa and Ivan floats the odor of semen, which is scattered on the desks and floor in front of him. Few of the threads are hooked on the wormy fingers, which are still squirming on the penis. After the cessation of throbbing, they relieve it. They play with those threads of semen coiling her both hands.
"Your semen's so filthy, just like your body is. Which is why you're recognized as a cockroach born in Russia."
She is staring at him, who is next to unconscious.
"Though you're a worthless flop as a creature, even as a cockroach, teasing you was really funny."
She smiles, ridiculing him.
"You're my plaything tomorrow and after that. I'll never stop teasing you, until you kill yourself."
She stands, and says.
"Bye, I'm looking forward to torturing and humiliating you from tomorrow."
She tells him to clean up the room. He is gasping and it is uncertain whether he has any room for listening to her with any clear mind.

When he lost consciousness, she had already gone.

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