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On September first, Fiona moved to the junior high school, where is the present workplace of Makoto. She has grown up in California, where her family is one of the richest families. The typical figure of the rich girls in celebrities' families in the United States would be gorgeous fashion from clothing to friendship. But that wasn't the case with her. Though she was "fresh off the boat from America", she could go on with other girls. And, particularly, she became popular among boys, which is natural considering her beauty getting beyond adolescence and closer to adult. She is an excellent student as some of your past peers would be; studying is good and so is exercising, music, arts, and other subjects.

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Not long before he caught a trouble, which is her occasionally seductive demeanors; the way her huge and dazzling eyes see him, the way her mouth with suitably thick lips and long and sharp tongue dance together by speaking and eating, the way her large and cute tits for an adolescent girl tremble, the way her pretty and cute face smiles. Though he knew it was bad considering his profession, but sometimes he thought naughty stuff associating with her. Feeling certain degree of guilty about it, but he couldn't stop himself from hallucinating such an association. Which, he was sure, the same case as her male peers.

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