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Days later, she talked to him and asked whether he could afford to meet her after the class. "I have stuff to talk with Mr. Minamihara" was what she said to him. When she said that, with a humble attitude, I felt a mingled emotion of an anxiety about the troubles caused by the friendships surrounding her and a pleasure awakened by the fact that he could meet alone with her. Being wary to look like a decent and trustworthy teacher to her, said he.
"It's all right, Ms. Shindou. But am I fine to consult for you? I mean"
Terse silence is inserted, lasting for less than a few-hundredth second.
"I'm a man and, you know, women can be better in some cases."
Which is a little recede, to be a good teacher for her and, this might be the main, for himself, who may be busted by her seduction without the intention to stop himself from getting beaten by her allure. She still said he was better.
"I see. Then we meet in our class. Is it good for you?"
"It's fine."
Said she. And he left there, with a small expectation and slight worry about friendship-related problems possibly cropping up in the consultation.

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When he came into the classroom, she had already been there.
"You have waited long?"
She smiled,
"Yes, how long do you think I waited?"
said she jokingly. With such a delighted icebreaker and following casual conversations, he brought the course of story to the original one.
"So, Ms. Shindou, how are you going?"
She holds the smile not to wreck the warm mood created by the foregoing shoutouts, but she blends a wad of seriousness into the mood.
"It is fine, sir, but I have a concern."
Her smile melts and turns to be an emotionless face with subtle squinting.
A cycle of breathing comes, then
"Sometimes, you are watching me, aren't you?"
His mind gets frozen. Once a glimpse, she may see his face stoned because of her stabbing question. He tries to speak out, thinking what to say as a teacher, to save the relationship between a student and a teacher, and his own career.
"I'm sorry, but why you say that?"
She goes on. Relentlessly.
"I can see some guys are watching me, I mean, in the ways they shouldn't in public place. Which is fine, because, you know, boys are like that, aren't they. But,"
She holds a breath, and speaks out, like she has made a tough decision.
"You are a teacher. Sir, you know what this means, don't you?"
She pursues his hidden emotion he has had when his staring at her, faintly and furtively.
"If you say 'you haven't', then it is odd that you watch me frequently. Which is a fact my friends also talk about."
Thinking of how to avoid her pursuit, he reaches a conclusion; it is better to make a "settlement".
"I'm sorry if I give you such an impression. But I didn't mean that. So, if you are still concerned about it, I think it's smart to consult your parents or other teachers."
He smiles kindly.
"For your life in the future, I recommend you to do so."
After listening to him, she smiles, like disguising her true malicious intention.
"Sir, thank you very much. But could I tell my parents and other teachers even about your expertise as a teacher?"
He is confused for a moment because he can't see her intention, which is yet to be unveiled.
"I will tell you because you can't notice, but considering your skill of English language based on my impression,"
Her tongue comes out of the slit between lips, and strokes them. Which is done for a moment.
"I think your English skill is not so high,"
Her eyes are dazzling, which is so sharp as to hook his heed.
"for a teacher."
She flings into his mind a saber sharp enough to slay his pride and career as a teacher. She goes on to enjoy a taste of frightening him by pursuing the downsides non-native speakers have. Which is destructive to him as a teacher.
"Uh...Your English is great, but when it comes to my qualification, it is an outright decent level."
Disguising his true fear, he protests against her pursuit. Her wet tongue licks the lips again.
"To check the level of your skill, sir, I brought a test I created."
She takes a paper from her own bag, and put it in front of him.
"If you can do well on this test, I admit your skill as a teacher. But if..."
Her tits wave as her heart beats. And she giggles,
"If you get lower score than passing level, I will give you a special lecture of English."
She is staring at him with the glittering eyes predatory animals use to capture targets. Though she has grown up in the California, he is a teacher of English language having its qualified proficiency. Even comparing with other teachers.
"The passing score is eighty percent and test time is fifteen minutes. But you can get perfect, can't you?"
He thinks it is fine to take the test; after which, his plan is to tell her what a good teacher would say, which will finish the things. He replies, thinking of the test and the subsequent plan.
"It's fine. Can I begin the test now? I want you to trust me as soon as possible. Not only my own skill, but also my own humanity."
The test has got started.

Ten minutes later, he has not finished even half of the test. The test has four groups of questions; each group comprises some questions.
Though the English words used for the test is a fundamental level, but the contents written as questions are difficult. What is written ranges from the scientific document of junior high school to the complicated sentences relevant to literature, basic law, and politics. As time passes, so do his vigor, concentration and confidence.
After finishing the test, he is sure it is time to make the plan tick. She picks up the test and checks the answers.
"I'm sorry to show you this."
His score turns out to be seventy percent, which means he failed. She smiles as if trying to console him, and says with a grief,
"I don't know what to say about the result. And I'm sorry but you need to take the special lecture of English."
Her grief fades out and in turn hilarity comes on to her smirk.
"This is the first lecture."
And she takes a note out of her bag, on the first page of which is written nothing but many lines composing blank rows.
"Which is 'writing words', the purpose of which is to correct and remember the spelling of them through writing."
She stands up, and moves from front of him to side, where she kneels and puts a warm hand on his groin.
"While you are writing, I will massage this place to distract your concentration, by which you will be able to use English well even in abnormal situations."
She zips down the pants, and her thin wormy fingers slip into the slit. And he feels something wormy coils around the shaft. Those wormy things begin to move.
"I will tell you one hundred words one by one. Sir, please write them on the note."
Along with the movements of her fingers, his comfort rises gradually. He almost gasps in front of her. But he stifles the gasp, and changes it into a slight shivering. Which is detected by the worms, and she chuckles.
"Is it good, sir? "
She is enjoying his nervous attitude. From the slit of lips are peering the tips of teeth.
"Could I begin the lecture?"
He can't speak out now, as he tries not to change the posture.
"If you resist it, I will tell my parents about your level of English. Which risks your career, doesn't it."
Her wormy fingers stroke the penis tenderly.
"You understand it, don't you, sir. And there is a condition. If you ejaculate before the end of this lecture, you have to become my slave. But if you can successfully hold the load by the end, I will not tell anybody about your level of English. In which case, I will forgive you."
He can tell that her glittering eyes are expecting and looking forward to his confusion and fright of losing the career.
"If you are ready, I will begin."
He swallows hard, which is the sign of beginning for him.
"So, the first word is"
The special lecture has begun.

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