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How to Get Away with Sexual Assaults

Do you have any man/woman you want to sexually assault?

If the answer is “yes”, this article shows you how to force the people you assault not to tell police about the sexual assaults you commit.

1. Introduction
What is needed is preparations. Some methods introduced below require you to bring, for example, mobiles, drugs, and cameras with yourselves. To successfully assault people, what you have to do is to make plans early on.

2. Methods
2.1. Violence
The fastest and easiest way is to coerce the people with your muscles, fists and, if you have, weapons. As you can tell from terrorists’ nations governing their citizens, it is extremely effective to subjugate people by fear. It is good to control the assaulted with fear by telling them stuff like “If you tell somebody, I’ll torture you.”.

2.2. Drug
You need to obtain highly addictive medicine or drugs. Suction, syringe. Whatever infusing manner is fine. Only to hide the trace of the drug purchasing history can you have the assaulted tied to yourselves. By which what you have to do is to continuously give them the drugs every time you want to enjoy those assaulted addicts.

2.3. Assault somebodies the people you assault love or care about
It’s effective to compel the assaulted to call his or her own relatives or the closest friends. And you need to assault the people called afterwards. If possible, calling the relatives (mothers, sisters, and aunts) is better. You can make the assaulted feel “it’s my fault that my relatives are raped.”. Which is how, the assaulted feel such a guilt for what his or her relatives or the closest friends inflicted as to grow reluctant to let police know the sexual assaults.
Targeting people the assaulted care about is effective and efficient.

2.4. Capturing pictures or movies
This is an orthodox way to prevent the assaulted from telling police about the rapes. This is similar to revenge porn. Though people capture furtively the movies of, for example, their own exes in revenge porn, it’s fine to take movies without hiding your own cameras. After getting the movies of the scene where the assaulted people are raped, you can use those movies for intimidation like telling him or her “I’ll upload these movies on the internet if you don’ take my orders.”.
It also fine to really upload such movies for earning money. One of the most typical websites of movie streaming service is Pornhub (is there anyone who doesn’t know?) and you may succeed in the creation of your own wealth.

3. Notice
Sexual assault is an outright crime. If you fail, not only the assaulted but also the rapers become unfortunate. Please understand that point before committing sexual assaults.

4. Places to assault
Please choose the places where nobody witnesses your assaults. To avoid others see or watch your visuals, you need to be prudent in choosing the places.

5. After the assaults
If you find somebodies you like the best among the assaulted, it’s good to control them by relentlessly tormenting and harming them. By controlling those you like, the best of the assaulted of yours will grow dependent on yourselves. If they are dependent enough, they are yours and you can enjoy them as your own toys.
But when you get tired of your toys, you need to consider how to trash them, which is, for example, to murder the assaulted and to torment them to make themselves commit suicide.



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