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British Japan 05


Many words came into the mind of Makoto, and came out through the arm jotting down them onto the note. During which, Fiona's squirming fingers were continuously tormenting him in the penis, testicle and perineum. The sexual desire he was feeling was controlled by her tender fingers and humiliating words, which was like he was an instrument played by her, as if he had been an violin. When his excitement was next to the goal line of ejaculation, the fingers ceased to squirm. But the special lecture went on restlessly. In the middle of the forth round of alphabetical order, only stuff he could think about was ejaculation and the afterward enslavement. Through many denials, she was flinging loads of verbal humiliations.

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While some fingers were tickling the perineum like the legs of a spider, said she.
"Next word is 'dirt', which is the stuff covering your body and flowing in the blood vessels wired in your dirty body. Which is just like one of the segregated peoples of this country."
While some fingers were winding the testicles like a flock of mealworms, said she.
"Next word is 'gorge', which smells bad like your body does. Which is why, nobody wants to come closer to you."
While some fingers were rubbing the frenulum like a caterpillar, said she.
"Next word is 'leprosy', which is almost one of the traits you have. Because you are ugly enough to make others feel sick and have them think you are a patient of that hazardous and dreadful disease. Which is why, you can contribute to human societies only by your committing suicide."
While some fingers were pinching the corona like an earthworm, said she.
"Next word is 'nausea', which is one of the impressions you always have others feel because of your sloth movement. While other people are working briskly, you are always moving slowly like a patient of Down syndrome."
While some fingers were licking the glans like a herd of slugs, said she.
"Next word is ‘prick', which is one of the things you deserve to be called because you are worthless as a creature. Which is why, everybody thinks you are a member of the lowest class in our society."
While some fingers were delving the urethra like a bundle of millipedes, said she.
“Next word is ‘shit’, which is what you yourself are. The value of you as a creature is the same level as shit. The picture of yourself is the same as shit. Everything those around you associate with you is the most familiar, vile and worthless stuff whose name begins with 's' and has four letters."

And the moment of relief has come few words before the final word of the lecture. Which is the best opportunity for her to let him cum without his noticing the pledge that the ejaculation before the end of the lecture is going to enslave him. Words after the ninetieth word, she talks to him to fling to his sub-conscious mind the seductive words dragging him to ejaculation.
"Sir, you would like to cum, wouldn't you?"
His mind is hazy enough to miss the pledge.
"If you would, I will let sperm release from the filthy penis. But"
In the road filled with fog dense enough to blur his rational thought circuit, can he see some vague lines and greyish contrasts forming the sinister smirk of her cute face. The vague smirk, which is composed of the lines and contrasts created by the fog in front of him, licks her own lips,
"To get a comfort of orgasm, you know what to do, don't you?"
On the verge of ejaculation, only stuff he can think about is the immense gratification her fingers coiling the penis and testicles would give him. He replies silence to her. She, who has just been exasperated a little by the reply, blurts to him.
"I know you are sub-intelligent, but I thought you would beg to cum right away. To get the gratification. Is it that difficult even to understand that kind of frivolous stuff?"
Verbally humiliating him, she retrieves satisfaction. And she keeps asking him.
"So, what do you have to say? To have me satisfy you?"
He is feeling ashamed, but there is no option but to choose to beg her. Lengthy pondering isn't necessary for his subconscious mind. He reaches the conclusion.
"Please, please.... let, let me... let, me, cum...,"
Though laconically, he successfully begs her. Which satisfies her, and she is delighted and says.
"Well done, sir. Though you are as sub-intelligent as intellectually disabled people, you are smart to some extent. I mean, to the extent to which you can feel lust and say 'please' to others. I'm glad to know that; otherwise it would be a miracle that you could get a job as a teacher."
As her fingers accelerate, so does the comfort he is feeling. Which trembles his body and he is trying to stand it. The driving rocket called comfort rises toward the verge on which it is decided whether he ejaculates or not. The verge is getting closer to him, harmonizing to which his body stiffens and the penis moves forward. She sees the pen in his hand has ceased to move, which is a harbinger of the explosion and accompanied gusts of semen. Moments before the arrival at the verge, says she.
"Sir, you can cum! You can eject the filthy liquid! Let me feel your dirty and stinky cum."
Moments before she finishes saying, he feels a thick strand of sperm has come out of the penis. Swaddled in the squirming fingers are launched the second, third, and following strands. Which play a role of lubricant and he begins to feel tickling sensation given by the fingers squeezing the penis and testicles.
She is laughing, watching him mourning. The strands are coming out of the penis for a long time.
"You have ejected so much, haven't you. Really filthy and stinky."
After finishing the ejaculation, she pulls the fingers out of the pants. Playing semen with the thin and beautiful fingers squirming seductively, she says.
"As I said at the beginning of the lecture, you are going to be my slave. You know, you discharged before the end."
Her fiendish smirk tells him she is really excited at the afterward agony she will force him to feel.
"Could you recognize how miserable creature you are? You underperform me in the proficiency of English. Much worse,"
Her predatory eyes, with delighted glow in each pupil, glimpse at him.
"You were fucked in the penis and ejaculated only by the technique of a junior-high girl much younger than you are."
The corners of her mouth rise, which composes the largest amount of her smirk. She wipes out the semen winding on the finger with his clothes, and finished preparing her belongings; with him in sub-consciousness left behind. On leaving the classroom, said she,
"I'm looking forward to bullying and torturing you to suicide, sir. If possible,"
While he is hearing the sound of her rejoicing gait, his mind is gradually sinking into the sea of darkness.
"Please let me know when you commit suicide. I would like to watch the miserable scene of your suicide."
He saw a flicker of image, in which he could see the zipper of pants was closed. As his body fell down onto the floor, there were none in his mind. Under the gradually dimming sky beginning to swaddle the classroom, there is a man lying on cold floor, who is rendered wretched in the darkness.

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